ICBP Bio Resin

ICBP Bio Resin is the only HALAL certified bio resin in the world. It creates a low environmental impact that is non-toxic to humans and the environment. Bringing out the positive impact to socio-ecomnomic structure, which includes employment, agricultural, education, welfare, and upstream to downstream. ICBP is committed in producing the most cost effective bio resin to customer.

Why ICBP Bio Resin is better?

Yes Biodegradable  No
Yes Renewable Resources No
Lowered (50% Electricity Saving) Processing Temperature Higher
Lowered Carbon Footprint (CO₂) Higher
Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Higher
Safe for Food Contact Under
US FDA & REACH Standards
Toxic to humans and environment Harmful

Why Choose Non Food Based Tapioca Starch ?

Not genetically modified (X GMO)

Not categorized as staple food

No food for plastic issue (X FFP)

No NGO or legislative pressure

It is a by product-reuse of waste

Stock in abundance globally

It is bio based and biodegradable

It is easily compounded & processed with existing plastic machineries

Lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

Reduced carbon footprint (CO²)

50% lower electricity consumption

Safe for food contact applications

Non Toxic


We are biodegradable resin manufacturer with both Biobased and 100% Compostable. Our key strength is in Biobased injection molding which we position as a replacement for traditional virgin PP & PE. And, more recently we also offer a 100% Compostable grade for blown film applications to meet rising market demand.

For more information on ICBP Bio Resin & Sustainability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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