To be a conscious leader in sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions within the bio landscape industry through continued long term investment into the R&D of superior industrially pragmatic bio landscape technology.
ICBP as a global participant in the field of biobased & bio degradable plastics, will continue to defend and promote disciplined principles, values and a healthy socioeconomic progression. ICBP will continuously strive to push the limits for better, healthier, sustainable standards of living for all mankind, with a perpetual awareness for the environment.


ICBP will provide its clients with turnkey solutions from concept to completion within the Bio landscape industry. ICBP will manage the end to end design process to ensure clients requirements & needs are met and will continue to manufacture specified quality end products to its clients.
ICBPs disciplined approach to maintaining manufacturing & operational excellence, commitment to building positive relationships with its clients will propel ICBP to become the industry anchor in bio landscape solutions globally.  

Sustainable Feedstock Globally

ICBP Bio Resin is made from non food grade tapioca starch, a renewable and abundant resource optimizing the fundamentals of green technology with many formulations and applications.

ICBP Technology

ICBP was established to produce biodegradable bio plastic resin in a borderless world for the global market.

The ICBP research and development team is focusing on developing tapioca starch as an alternative biopolymer.

ICBP Bio Resin offers a unique processing and property characteristics to match conventional petroleum plastic resin. This includes a broad range of applications such as injection moulding and film blowing.

Starch being hydroscopic, is able to absorb humidity. Plasticizers are added to the starch to enable it to be processed thermo-plastically by varying the amounts of additives and processes, the characteristics of the material can be customized to specific customer requirements.

Achievements & Accreditations

The Green Era Award

Rome Italy (July 2017)

Mumbai Award – Top 50 Green Companies

Mumbai, India (Feb 2017)

The Global Green Awards

Berlin, Germany (March 2014)

USDA Certified Biobased Product Certificate

USDA Biopreferred (January 2014)

GreenTAG Malaysia

(October 2012)

Pioneer Status

Ministry Of International Trade And Industry Malaysia (June 2007)

HALAL Certificate

Goverment of Malaysia (November 2010)

"OK Compost" and "OK biobased" Certificate

TUV Austria Belgium NV of Belgium (March 2018)

"Seedling" Certificate

TUV Austria Belgium NV of Belgium (March 2018)

Certification scheme Products made of compostable materials (DIN-Geprüft)

DIN CERTCO (July 2018)

"Seedling" Certificate

DIN CERTCO (July 2018)

REACH Compliance Certificate

REACH (August 2018)

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